Hi, it's me again!

Welcome to 607web, my personal site on the web. Here you can find a variety of content, some of which in Dutch, some of which in English. If you know both: great. If not: try to find the English stuff. ;) The things on here were created over several years for various occasions, and you might find some interest in some of them. These pages were originally hosted on folk.simpsite.nl. Some of the links on this page are external, and if you find this page early, some of them might not yet work. ;)

Possibly relevant links

Club Points

My YouTube Channel

K3-forum (Nederlandstalig)

Super Mario Maker Levels

Self-made games and applications

Mandelbrot Explorer

NetLogo Models


The Two of You

Bouncy Balls



My 30 Note Music Box / Mijn 30-notige muziekdoos

MaxYMiser Atari STE Tunes

K. van den Akker in de wonderlijke wereld van de blues en de jazz


Graphical creations

Dizzy emoticons

SPQR cursors

Self-portrait on Atari ST

Unicode Watchhouse

Regarding video games

Versies van Pong

Waarom de zwart-witte Game Boy het van de kleurrijke concurrentie won

Soundtrack Recommendations

Yoshi's Island Eggless

My Nintendo Collection

Re-Volt Stuff

GBA Cartridges: Bootleg or Genuine.

Other things I wrote


I made an Extremely Stupid Mistake, and thank God for it

Operatio Ovis/Operatie Schaap/Operation Sheep

Politics/Society (all in Dutch)

Multicultureel Nederland: een welkome uitdaging

Seksuele voorlichting

Google versus privacy: een afweging.

Sokrates vs. Bush: de situatie in het Midden-Oosten

Twee gezichten van de vleesindustrie

Waarom de Friese taal onze aandacht niet waard is

Het gymnasium heeft geen nut!


De QR-code

Starting University | A Journal

Pick a number...

Peculiar stuff

De gezonde boterham


Significante getalen, snelheid 175 %



If you don't have any 'better' means to contact me, you can send me a message at 607.filler@gmail.com (either e-mail or Hangouts).

Old site

And for the sake of nostalgia, here is that which folk.simpsite.nl started with. While folk.simpsite.nl was not my first website, this is the oldest personal web content of mine that I still have (it has been online since 2013 or before). I'm surprised that the counters still work! I converted the pages to proper html and fixed the links to point to this website instead of to folk.simpsite.nl, but I decided to not include any CSS or PHP, as I thought that didn't fit. There was also a chatbox, but that did cease working some years ago.
Click here to go to (a conversion of) the old homepage.