My proudest YouTube videos

I have had a YouTube channel since 2012. For a history of my channel from the beginning until summer 2019, see this (feature-length) video. In the beginning I uploaded a lot of different things to YouTube, but over the years the variety of content stabilised. Nowadays, there are four main types of videos I upload: videos on the video game Re-Volt, videos of piano covers of video game music, original music and video game soundtrack uploads. I do sometimes upload a video that does not fall into one of those categories, though. Sometimes this is a quick and dirty video, but other times I have put a lot of effort into such a stand-alone video.
This page contains recommendations of the YouTube videos that I am most proud of. Here I do not consider things like compositions or piano covers: of course there are plenty of those I'm really happy with, but it is the video itself that I look back on with satisfaction for the works listed here, not just the subject of the video. Because I would find it hard to rank the videos, I will put the list here from oldest to newest.
In many cases, the description of the video will contain more information. You can read that on YouTube.

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Physics - Tricks and Glitches - Ice Age GBA

September 25th 2017
This is the first video I made for YouTube that featured heavy editing. I had done some advanced stuff for covers before, and had done a big editing job for a school project, but with this video I did enter new terrain. I recall that I was inspired by UncommentatedPannen's videos for the style.

My 15 Favourite Credits/Staff Roll Themes from Video Games

February 15th 2019
This video cost relatively little effort to make, but I tried to make everything as high-quality as I could. The result is a very clean-looking and sounding video, in my opinion, that is fun to watch while doing something else!

Skunk Skips - Tricks and Glitches - Ice Age GBA

August 4th 2019
This is another video in the series on Ice Age tricks and glitches. So far, the only other one. For this one I used the skills that I had gained from the first video again. I ended up releasing it a lot later than intended, though, because the software I was using started acting up. It annoys me a little that two skips are missing from this video that I really could have found. However, that is not a problem with the video as such.

Mario Universe Blind Test - 3 difficulties, 30 games

February 9th 2020
After an activity from my study association, I was introduced to the concept of blind tests. I liked the idea but thought I could do a lot better than the videos we could find on YouTube. I set very high standards and this was the result. Unfortunately, it has performed very poorly on YouTube, compared to those we played then. Well, it was fun to make, at least!

Recreating old hand-drawn levels in Super Mario Maker 2

April 9th 2020
This was my first scripted video. It certainly wasn't my first commentated video: I had already got comfortable with speaking in English by this time, and also learnt to sound engaging, rather than monotonic. A lot went into this video, and I really like the intro part as well. It is remarkable that I made this video from start to finish in just two days. They were two days in which I did little else, though!

Creating melodies out of rapidly played drums

February 7th 2021
This was my second scripted video; it is not as elaborate as the first, but it has a fun concept that was well executed. There is not a lot to look at for much of the video, but my sister got the idea to recreate the classic DVD player screensaver, which was a nice addition. I like the story-telling style of this script.

Cracking the Ice Age GBA Password System

October 9th 2021
This is by far my best video to date. I worked on it over several months, and it combines an interesting subject with a solid script and advanced editing. I put quite a lot of hours into this project, and I really enjoyed it. And, to my delight, everyone I shared the video with enjoyed it too!