Club Points

This is where Club Points are documented.
Club Points (CP) is a system used by YouTube channel 607.
You can get CP in various ways, most often by answering questions asked in the description in the comments. They have also been awarded at the EmpireMinecraft forum.
You can use them for things in series on my channels, most often deciding things I'm going to do.


I may add, delete or modify uses at any time. It mostly stays stable, though, except for new uses being added every now and then.

607 plays revolt

10 CP - Choose a Re-Volt track I'm going to play in an upcoming episode. It doesn't necessarily have to be a track I haven't played before.
+8 CP - Choose with which car I'm going to race the track. It can be any car as long as you give me the link, I don't need to have featured it before. If you choose a stock car, specify whether I should be racing against only stocks or if customs can be included too.
+10 CP - I'll do commentary in English.

15 CP - Choose a car I'm going to review in an upcoming episode.
+5 CP - Choose on which track I'm going to use the car. It needs to be a track I've already played in a previous episode.
+1 CP - Choose a repaint I'm also going to review.
+5 CP - Choose a reparameter (possibly with repaint too) I'm also going to review.
You can choose 10 repaints and 2 reparams at most for one episode, and for each original car or reparameter I'm doing you can specify a track. So the most CP you could spend on a car episode is 50 CP (excluding commentary, which would bring the total maximum to 60 CP).
+10 CP - I'll do commentary in English.


100 CP - I'll compose a theme for you in Garageband, OpenMPT, Musescore or a combination of the three (I'll choose what I think fits best). Just tell me what you want, what you need it for et cetera, and I'll do the best I can to create something good for you. Some negotiations will be held before payment, to make sure you'll get what you want.

100 CP - I'll compose a theme for you in Quartet on Atari ST, using authentic samples from around 1990. The rest is the same as above.

100 CP - I'll compose a theme for you in MaxYMiser on an Atari ST emulator. The rest is the same as above.


I'll do a cover of any theme on piano. If I don't succeed or think it will be too difficult ahead of time, you won't lose any CP. If you've got a theme in mind, you can send it to me so I can judge if I can do it, and I will decide in which of the following categories it falls.
80 CP - short and easy theme
100 CP - easy theme of any length (unless it's absurdly long)
120 CP - intermediate short theme
140 CP - intermediate theme of intermediate length
170 CP - intermediate theme of any length (unless it's absurdly long)
170 CP - hard short theme
200 CP - hard theme of intermediate length
× 0.5 - if you provide sheet music (for piano)


10 CP - Choose a free to play game for me to feature in a video. The video's length will range from 15 to 30 minutes, or shorter if I beat the game before the 15 minutes are over.
+15 CP - I'll commentate in either English or Dutch, your choice.

10 CP - Let me play a specified map/server in Minecraft or Roblox. Lots of things are possible here. The length will be between 15 to 30 minutes, or if you prefer, shorter. I won't play pvp on either Minecraft or Roblox (with exceptions, but generally, I won't).
+15 CP - I'll commentate in either English or Dutch, your choice.
+30 CP - You and I will play together on the specified server. We will discuss a date and time: remember I may be in a different time zone, so we won't always be able to play at times most suitable for you.

Super Mario Maker

10 CP - Choose a level for me to play and record. It can be your own or somebody else's. I'll try the level for 15-30 minutes, or shorter if I beat it quickly. With this reward, you have to also choose one of the 3 options below.
+0 CP - I'll upload my session playing the level in its entirety. I'll put a timestamp of the start of the winning run in the description.
+0 CP - I will upload the winning run only.
+5 CP - I will upload an edited video of my session, containing my first run, deaths, and (part of) my winning run. This costs extra as it costs me quite some time to look for what to include and what not.


Making a request

The simplest way to request something with your CP is to ask me on the platform that you last earned some on, so YouTube or Empire Minecraft. It is also possible to send an e-mail to 607@607web.nl.

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