Iter Lanatae

Iter Lanatae title screen

Iter Lanatae is a game I developed for my best friend Lanata's birthday, in 2017. It was my biggest programming project at the time, and didn't only involve a lot of coding, but also graphic design, music composition, game and level design, writing, et cetera.
The game was programmed in GameMaker Studio. See the video of the credits theme for the other programs used.
I worked on the project for 60 hours over 2 months, and really enjoyed it. I was and still am quite happy with the result, and fortunately Lanata liked it a lot too! :D
I would like to put the game up for download here, but unfortunately there's currently a bug in it that severely impacts performance (I'm not sure how this got introduced, as it didn't use to happen). I'm hoping to fix it later! For now, you can see the soundtrack videos on YouTube, which also show some gameplay.

Soundtrack playlist