NetLogo Models

On this page you can download 3 NetLogo models that I have coded. They include extensive comments in the code, and an Info tab with background info and observations (no detailed explanations of the program or principles, though). Feel free to learn from these models or improve on them (only for personal use, however, don't reupload—altered or otherwise—my models), but please do not take code from them to hand in as your own, if you found this page while working on your homework.

Configurable Cellular Automaton - NetLogo Model

This is a configurable implementation of a 2D Cellular Automaton. 9 presets are included with the model, and your own parameter sets can be output and loaded back in as well. This model is well-suited for demos, and in the Info tab there are recommended settings for the restart parameters.

Download model

Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma - NetLogo Model

This model simulates the Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma, with the 6 most common strategies included. The noise and the payoffs can be modified, as can the initial distributions of the strategies. There are three different display modes.

Download model

Pursuit-evasion - NetLogo Model

In this pursuit-evasion model there is one stable (but not stationary) target, and the hunters evolve over time. A lot of parameters are configurable, and in the Info tab there are considerations on all of them. There is an optional demo mode.

Download model