Reversi screencap

This program was made by erraticEnki and I in an assignment for a course at University Utrecht, in the first year of Artificial Intelligence. It was a fun assignment, and I am really happy with the result. In fact, we got quite an amazing grade... 11.3/10. o_O How? I'm not sure. But I'm content. :D

I didn't make any changes to the program, so you can see it exactly as we handed it in. I did make an English translation, however. I hope you enjoy this little program. :) It should work on any (somewhat modern) Windows pc; I'm not sure about other platforms.
English version Original version

I considered sharing the C# source but decided against it, as this assignment might be reused in later years, and I'd prefer you to figure things out yourself. ;)

Note: Reversi wasn't invented by us, but is quite an old board game (it was around in the 19th century). It has also been marketed as Othello.