Yoshi's Island Eggless


Hey! For my 12th birthday anniversary, I got the game Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3. I have been playing the game a lot since, and as of writing, have still not fully completed it. I've also done other things in the game than mere beating and 100%'ing levels, though: during a train trip a while ago, I got the idea to see which castles would be beatable without using eggs. It turned out only one of them was, because defeating bosses usually requires eggs. But then I decided to simply play through all levels, and see which ones I could beat without using eggs. As egg-throwing could be considered the most basic of Yoshi's Island's mechanics, I often had to invent alternative solutions to puzzles, exploit unintended tricks, or... give up. Because there are many levels I didn't manage to complete eggless. I started this challenge July 30th of 2016, and I got through the last level the 20th of May, 2017. This page is here to document my findings, and stimulate other people to try achieving the same, or more.


While doing this challenge, I kept to the following rules:


The full list of levels. ✓ means I successfully got through the level eggless, ❌ means I did not.


If you manage to beat one of the levels eggless that's marked as unbeatable in my list, please contact me at 607.filler@gmail.com, or anywhere else you can. I am planning on updating this list with the maximum amount of points I can get, but that might be a way off into the future, as I haven't even 100%ed the game with the assistance of eggs yet.